Monday, December 2, 2013

Equipment for sale at Penland School

It's Cyber Monday people! Penland is selling a few items from various studios. Please contact Susan Feagin, 828-765-2359, ext. 29 if you're interested in these items from the clay studio.
Brent slab roller, model SR22, price: $725
Condition: In excellent working order, but will need some lubrication and cleaning. Comes with canvas, assorted 6’ Masonite shims, and replacement cables.

Bailey potter’s wheel, price: $150
Condition: This wheel is not in the best working order currently and will need repairs before use. Maybe new bearings or new motor? This wheel reverses.

Shimpo M400 potter’s wheel, price: $150
Condition: Not so bad, but not so good.

Axner potter’s wheel M600, our price: $330
Condition: Great! This wheel reverses. Make pots today!

Shimpo RK-10 basic potter’s wheel, Our price: $265
Condition: Good.

Another Shimpo RK-10 basic potter’s wheel, our price: $265
Condition: Good.

From the Penland metals studio. Please contact Ian Henderson, 828-765-2359, ext. 26 if you're interested in this kiln.
VCELLA large kiln: $825
This is a large kiln, used in the metals studio for enameling large items, but designed for enameling, ceramics, or glass. It is in good working condition. Retails for $1642.

 Specifications: model # 16, 1.4 cubic feet. Inside dimensions – 16”x16”x11.” Outside dimensions – 24”x25”x27” plus steel frame.
From the Penland glass studio, these items are available. Please contact Dean Allison, 828-765-5507.
Reliance Duty master 6-2000 1 hp motor. Good condition. $100
Dayton Capacitor start motor ¾ HP. Good condition. $100

Sony 5 disc changer. Fair condition. $15

From the iron studio, please contact Daniel Beck, 828-765-3449.

Sheet Metal Bending Brake,  Price:  $150                           
Description:  42” x 16 ga Sheet Metal Bending Brake. 
Condition:  Fair-Poor  (Can be restored to Good condition)
Missing one adjustment handle (is still functional with vise grips.)
It’s not pretty but it works. 

And lastly, that home brewing thing not working out? Why not make your own biodiesel fuel instead? Contact Dave Sommer, Director of Facilities and Grounds, 828-765-0477.
Freedom Fueler Biodiesel Processor:  Our price: $1,000, similar new model retail price: $2,995.
Create biodiesel using recycled oils and fats. Unit is very slightly used and in excellent condition. Unit has been pressure washed to clean and comes with a box of accessories. Dimensions: 48” long, 24” wide and 62” tall.


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