Olympics Sponsors 2014

Just wanted to acknowledge and THANK this years sponsors of cash:

Dr. Tisha and Melissa who are donating the first prize category again this year.

then the second and third categories are crowd sourced:

Emily Reason,
Amy Waller,
Lee Wolfe,
Marian Parkes,
Tracy Hicks,
Ellen Mulligan,
Scot Cameron-Bell,
Linda McFarling,
Nelle Pingree
Rachael Smith,
Terry Gess and Haywood Community College
Bruce Ciske,
John Hartom and Empty Bowls (Imagine Render)
Jann Welch and ARTsCENTERED in Bakersville,
Rebecca Ayers, 
and John Britt

Also Brian McCarthy is donating the clay from Highwater Clays in Asheville,

And Gabriel Kline is providing the space at Odyssey Center for Ceramic Arts.

Also Mellie Mae Lonnemann is the organizer and has won the crown for Miss Clay Olympics and will be wearing her tiara. (hopefully someone will make the tiara?)

Looks like it will be a fun event and hopefully we will have people show up to cheer them on!