List your business on Google Places

Hey all you potters - list your business on Google Places. That way when people are out looking for some potter in the area they will see you too!


Steve White said…
I'm thinking the first thing that happens when you list your business phone number is that you will get at least one million Visa card solicitors over a one year period of time. And during that time, when the phone rings, you will ALWAYS have your hands in a lump of clay while the wheel is spinning.
John Britt said…
How about the positive side during this festive time of year?! You might get some business, as well.
Amy Waller said…
Meant to respond to this a while ago but the holidays got in the way. Steve - just wanted to say you're probably in more danger of hearing from search engine optimization businesses than credit card people by doing a Google Places listing. Kind of annoying, but not too bad, and I think the benefits of a Google Places listing outweigh the negatives.

But the other thought I had was, how about a Google Maps map of Clay Club members, like this Chatham Artists Guild map?