Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Potter Offers His Services

Hey Clay Clubbers this is JD Carter, 

I am looking to assist a potter that is within a reasonable driving distance from Morganton, NC. Someone in Asheville or as far as Bakersville NC.  I would like to try and start working for more potters in the area so that I can continue in the field of ceramics full time.  

Here are some skills I have.

Mix glazes,
Mix clay,
Run a pug mill,clay mixer,hammer mill and other equipment,
Cut wood,
Fire a wood, gas (basic knowledge), and electric(auto and manual) kiln ,
Throw (basic production),
Trimming ,
Wedging clay,
Finishing pots ,
Loading and unloading kilns,
Daily shop duties,
and just about any other shop task needed  !!

If you or anyone you know needs help - please let me know. Also if you could pass this on I would be very appreciative of it, Thank you.  JD Carter

Contact me at:  carterworks93@gmail.com

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John Britt said...

Hank Goodman in Arden hires helpers.