Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dig In Garden Raises $8,000

Yo Clubbers,

Thanks to all your efforts the Empty Bowl event for Dig In Garden raised over $8,000. I want to thank everyone who participated to make this possible - from the dozens of people who came out for our 1,000 bowl challenge in May, to the people who helped glaze and fire the bowls, to the ones who sent in finished bowls this past week.

 I can't list all the names but here are the ones I know who helped this past week and responded to our request  for finished bowls:

Joy Tanner,
Gay Smith,
Ruth Fischer Rutkowsky,
Sue Grier,
Paul Frye,
Michael Rutkowsky ,
Susan Feagan,
Nelle Pingree,
Cynthia Bringle,
Claudia Dunaway,
Robbie Bell,
David Ross,
Marian Parkes,
Diane Puckett,
Helen Purdum,
Lisa Gluckin,
Joey Sheehan,
Patty Robertson

(If I missed anyone please let me know.)

Marian Parkes and Kristen Flournoy helped glaze a load of bowls each.  


It will make the garden happen again next year!

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