Friday, September 26, 2014

Thank you guys

Hey Clubbers,

Just wanted to thank everyone who donated bowls for the Dig In Garden Event tonight at Higgins Church in Burnsville, NC.  We were a bit worried but now have more than enough!  Thanks you everyone who helped.  I don't have all the names but I know

Paul Frye,
Michael Rutkowski ,
Susan Feagan,
Nelle Pingree,
Cynthia Bringle,
Claudia Dunaway,
Robbie Bell,
David Ross,
Marian Parkes,
Diane Puckett,
Helen Purdum,
Lisa Gluckin,
Joey Sheehan,
Patty Robertson......and may more!!!  Linda McFarling is organizing the event and will get me everyone name...but thank you in advance.

Come on out if you have a chance:

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