Friday, September 19, 2014

Help Tracy Dotson

Many of you know Tracy Dotson and he is now in Assisted Living in Mitchell County NC. His daughter, Day Dotson, is trying to get everyone to help Tracy keep connected with the world of potters and friends. Tracy was a great fun loving guy who would help out anyone and now it is time to give back a bit. PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH ANYONE WHO KNEW TRACY!! 

Tracy Dotson Postcards.

Tracy(my dad) want's Postcards to connect him the world again. He lives at Mitchell House Assisted Living, 13681 hwy 226 S, Spruce Pine NC, 28777. 

We hung up a US map he wants to tag Post Marks all over. SOOOOOOOO Anyone and everyone please drop him a line, get creative, go wild, from anywhere, European friends-we'll stick you in the ocean tehe. Thankyou for supporting this FUN-raiser and my Dad. We'll post photos of cards as they come in....with pure love...Day........please 

Day Dotson


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much John for posting our project. He's just recieved his first nudy postcard. Oh the laugh we had and of course it was from

GUS said...

Gabriele a connection from Texas Lutheran says howdy and is wondering whether she can come to visit. i will be in Clayton, GA in May and could make the trek up the mountain if he's willing to have some old time company who shared his world in the 60's.

John Britt said...

Gabriele, Contact Day Dotson above. She would probably love it!!