Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Silicon Carbide for Potters

Everyone looking for Silicon Carbide powder can go to a number of sources:

Here is $12.00 a pound on Amazon:

Also check their page for similar products and you will find MANY sources.

You can get this stuff many places. It is used for sandpaper or sand blasting so those are two sources to search.

Or rock tumbler supplies  for 500 Mesh $10.00 a pound:

Axner is $8.00 a pound for 400 M:

But you pay a handling and shipping fee that is pretty high at Axner!!

Here is Bailey who has 250 M for $4.50 a pound and 1000M for $31.00 a pound:

Here is E-Bay 600M for $8.00 for half a pound:

Her is the supplier:

PROBABLY the best is

because they have grades to 40 - 1200 m.

I am sure you can find a MILLION more if you try but sometimes just buying it an splitting with a friend or a couple of friends is the cheapest way!!

GREAT for CRATER GLAZES or ELECTRIC REDS at cone 6!!!!!  GET it and try it and you will be happy and all your dreams will come true!

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