Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Hey Potters,

The TWISTED LAUREL GALLERY in Spruce Pine NC is having an OPEN call for cups. They want to have 999 !

The deadline to submit cups is May 26-30 because the show is June 5 - 27, 2015. There is no jury, you just call JoAnn at 828-765-1562. (no email - they are old school!)

She can give you details. I know it is a 60/40 consignment show .

The address is 221 Locust St. (lower street for locals) Spruce Pine NC 28777

This is a great chance to get a resume line, and sell some cups!  Tell your friends and share this on line. 

THEY NEED HELP to reach 999- they are only at 125 but I assured them we could help!!!


Cindy said...

Thanks John. I'll give JoAnn a call tomorrow.

Mr. Young said...

Would you accept some from the other side of the world?

John Britt said...

Mr. Young, You could send it. They don't pay shipping so it would be at our cost and priced to sell. Let me know if you need more since they don't have email.