Thursday, May 7, 2015

RIP Tracy Dotson

Tracy Dotson's Postcards

Tracy Dotson has passed away. He will be missed.  Tracy was a good guy who helped a lot of potters in our area with kilns and general pottery stuff.

E.g.:Here is Tracy in his element!

Here is one he built for Yummy Mud Puddle:

Claudia writes:

"My work took a dramatic turn when Tracy Dotson of Penland built my first gas reduction kiln. When firing in my electric kiln I relied heavily upon the use of colored slips and layering of glazes in order to get the depth of color I wanted in my work. Now I find I can use those same techniques in addition to the flame of the fire to achieve even greater color variation in my surfaces. A black wax line drawn onto the bisque fired pots just before glazing adds definition. A variety of clay bodies allows me to have both a warm and cool palette of pots."

An who can forget the fish scale pottery he and Catherine (Cappy) made for many years!

An of course his finest creation---- Day Dotson!!!!!

Day Dotson

We will miss you Tracy!!


cookingwithgas said...

Rip my friend.
I'm so sad that you have left us.
Many memories.

shane mickey said...

man, we lost a great one today..

Amy Waller said...

So sad to hear this. Miss you, Tracy.

youngscovepottery said...

Wow, super bummer, I loved that man.

angeline said...

Over many years vacationing on The Outer Banks of North Carolina, I purchased many of the fishtail pieces. We are now downsizing our home for a move to Florida, but all of his pieces will go with me. Thanks you Tracy Dotson for my beautiful pottery.

Sandy said...

So sorry to hear of Tarcy's passing. I have a cabinet full of his plates, bowl, mugs etc...that I purchased either in Crozet or Greenwood, Va over the years. Every year I would add to my collection. I google him every now and then to see if I can find more for sale but then ran into this post. He was a master craftsman and obviously well respected by his peers. Always enjoyed talking to he and his wife at the craft fairs.
Will treasure my pottery forever.

Unknown said...

Tracy had a huge impact on my life and my pottery. I'll forever miss him.