Tuesday, September 22, 2015

1st Annual Women Potters of Catawba Valley Barn Sale on Saturday, October 3

Women at the Wheel in Catawba Valley

For years the Catawba Valley has been well known for its pottery. Names like Craig, Ellington, Abee and Reinhardt, just to name a few, ring through the hills, steeped in the age-old tradition of turning pots and stoking kilns. In the past, and even now, men have dominated the world of pottery in the Catawba Valley. All that is about to change.

There are several women potters in the Catawba Valley area who are turning at the wheel and handbuilding some masterful and beautiful pieces of all shapes, styles and colors. A few of the women go as far as to find, dig and use the clay that can be found in the Catawba Valley.

One day during a class at the CVCC Potters’ Workshop, three women began to talk and a master plan began to bloom! Why not hold our own show? Make it all about Women Potters of Catawba Valley!

Needless to say this idea has taken off and has now become reality! Eight local women potters, will be coming together to throw the 1st annual Women Potters of Catawba Valley Barn Sale. You can expect to find a wide array of pieces to encompass sculpted, wheel, hand built, functional, decorative and folk pottery. The potters participating in this show include Raine Middleton, Michelle Flowers, Sybil Scronce Hedspeth, Carla Brandel, Evelyn Arnold, Jennifer Sigmon, Briana Blackwelder and Debra Zimmerman.

The date is Saturday October 3rd 10 am to 4pm located at 4223 Rifle Range Rd Conover, NC. Come spend a lovely fall day shopping for local pottery while enjoying some apple cider and meeting some truly remarkable women. For any further information on this event you can like us on Facebook at: Women Potters of Catawba Valley or contact Carla at (507) 261-5476.

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