Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Kiln brick (need straights, selling arch) and clay or firing for use of pugmill in West Asheville

I need 125-150 straight brick (today or tomorrow if possible) ran out in the middle of kiln rebuild, and I have some extra arch brick. Will trade/buy/sell.

Need 2300 9" straights, 3" series. Prefer new, but used with minimal damage will work. Will buy or trade for arch brick listed below

Have 25 (maybe more) new #1 arch brick 2300 3" - 2 3/4" x 9" $3.50 brick, or trade for the straights (will also consider other trades)


clay or firing for use of pugmill

I have lots and lots of ^6 clay to recycle! I'm looking for someone with a pugmill who would like to trade use of it (your place or mine) for clay or firing in my 60 cubic foot gas reduction car kiln in West Asheville

Laura Somervill

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