Crimson Laurel Gallery moving to Micaville

The owner of Crimson Laurel Gallery, Ben Philips, is selling the gallery in Bakersville and moving to Micaville. Crimson Laurel opened in Bakersville in 2002 and is widely known for its studio ceramics selection. The gallery has been a big draw for tiny Bakersville, population 454.

In addition, Philips has started a company that licenses and reproduces the designs of ceramic artists. This company will also be located in Micaville.

The Mitchell News-Journal has the story:

Ceramics company will call Micaville home

A ceramics company is bringing new life to a vacant facility, and a Bakersville gallery is relocating.

Appalachian Terroir – pronounced “ter’wa” – announced Monday it will operate out of the Taylor Togs facility on Hwy. 19E. The company, formed last year, licenses with ceramic artists to use their designs for homeware it produces – many of the artists currently sell their pieces through Crimson Laurel Gallery in Bakersville.

Ben Phillips owns the company and also owns Crimson Laurel Gallery. The galley is in the process of being moved to the Taylor Togs facility. Phillips said he plans to sell the building that currently houses the gallery. Another company, Smoky Mountain Pottery Studio, will also be located at the Micaville facility.

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And here's the statement from the Crimson Gallery owners:

Announcement from Crimson Laurel Gallery

February 29, 2016
CLG Announces New Partnership
Announcement from Crimson Laurel Gallery
Thank you for making 2015 memorable.

There is so much to tell you.

First, some very exciting news...when CLG reopens for the 2016 season, we will be in a new location just down the road in Micaville, where we will be integrating CLG with two sister companies.

Our vision, inspired partly by the amazing artisan community of our region, is for a housewares company operating in the home décor and home accessories markets. This company, named Appalachian Terroir, pronounced (ter'wa), uniquely designs and produces artisanal dinnerware and housewares.

Our mission is to share the beauty and integrity of the artist's works and stories with you. Terroir, a concept originated by the winemakers of France, is the unique character imbued by the land to its produce. In the spirit of Lucy Morgan, founder of Penland School of Crafts, Appalachian Terroir embraces both preservationist objectives and social improvement by creating economic opportunities for local people. In keeping with this tradition, the majority of our talent is locally sourced and all products are made within our local community.

We hope you, too, will be inspired by the simple elegance of this art of our region, the terroir of Appalachia, as you develop your own appreciation for the traditions and exacting standards of our region's craft: quality materials, hand work and expectations of excellence.

In December of 2015, Appalachian Terroir acquired the assets of Smoky Mountain Pottery Studio of Sevierville, Tennessee, a ceramics manufacturer in business for nearly 30 years. We are pleased to welcome Dennis McAvoy, former Smoky Mountain Pottery Studio owner, as our new operations manager.

We will set up shop at our new location in Micaville, North Carolina combining CLG, Appalachian Terroir and Smoky Mountain Pottery Studio under one roof.

It is a delightful experience nurturing Crimson Laurel's rich tradition by not only supporting its artists, but by supporting their dreams as well. This year, once again, CLG will fund a full clay workshop scholarship at Penland School of Crafts, which assists students with exceptional talent and financial need. Appalachian Terroir will, once again, support Penland's Annual Benefit Auction at the sponsorship level. It is our privilege to be surrounded by such beauty.

In summary, CLG continues with retail operations in Micaville showcasing a selection of studio ceramics curated to amaze. Appalachian Terroir launches five inspirational dinnerware collections designed by a roster of celebrated ceramic artists in addition to its own line of home décor and accessory products. Smoky Mountain Pottery Studio carries on providing quality products to the gift, retail and specialty advertising markets.

We’ll be in touch as more news develops. Thank you again for your part in making all this possible.

We look forward to greeting you in our new Micaville location.


Ben Philips, Founder & CEO

Brywn Philips, Founder & Design Maven