Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Job opportunity at Camp Cedar Cliff near Asheville

Karen Newgard passed along this opportunity from Matthew Duerstock, Assistant Camp Director at Camp Cedar Cliff (located five miles east of Asheville):

Camp Cedar Cliff is looking for someone to take ownership of our Craft Skill this summer with the emphasis on Pottery. The dream is to have kids experience camp and also learn the creativity of pottery and leave with the item they made. The item would be something with a theme for each year, and should be small.

Our camp week starts on Saturday afternoon and ends Friday morning. Our schedule typically allows kids to work on the craft piece Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Thursday is when we hope for them to have everything complete and ready to take home, although if necessary we could have it finished on Friday morning.

Our camp runs from June 11th - July 29th and is broken down into 7 week sessions. Each week we will have 70 - 200 overnight campers. We also have day camp and other options but they do not partake in pottery.

We are open to the option of having several people help teach, one professional teach, or even training some of our staff ahead of time to do the job. We would also like for someone to visit and help us set up our craft cabin the way it should be. In regards to the drying cabinets and accelerators, I am prepared to build whatever necessary to make a successful program. Included are some pictures of the craft area.

Contact Matthew for more information: or 251-533-5556

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