Burners, kiln and wheel for sale in Sewanee, Tennessee

Here are the details from Claire Reishman:

I would like to sell 2 unused Ransome B-4 Burners (EQ) Natural - bought for $190 each from Axner (Item #A257795 I have the sales slip.) I would happily send them for $150 each - and I will pay postage.

Also, a friend here in Sewanee, TN has a Skutt Model 1027-24 kiln and a Shimpo 21 electric wheel for sale. Is anyone interested in purchasing them? Both are in good condition. The Kiln is $200, and the wheel is $150. The kiln comes with shelves and shelf posts. You would need to come to Sewanee to take them away.

Please contact me if you are interested in any of these items - creishman@gmail.com.

Claire Reishman, Sewanee TN (creishman@gmail.com)