Remembering Jane Hatcher

I'm sad to share the news that Jane Hatcher passed away Monday night. Jane was - among other things - a potter, massage therapist, yoga teacher and friend to many, especially in and around the Penland area. She was curious about people and the things they did and made and thought, and genuinely a joy to be around. She was a Clay Clubber going way back - a quick search brought her up in photos from our second meeting in July 2008.

I met Jane not long after I moved to Bakersville. In the winter of 2007-08 we took a glaze class with John Britt, along with a number of other clubbers. Jane, John Ferlazzo and I worked on some of the class assignments together - this photo is from that time.

Rest in peace, Jane. We will miss you.


Mark Peters said…
So sorry to hear this. Miss you Jane.
Unknown said…
Jane was my mother's oldest friend; they grew up together in Columbus, Georgia. Jane shared her pots and her stories of Penland throughout my growing up. Those memories recently inspired me to begin studying pottery in Asheville and to enroll in a course at Penland last summer, where I visited with Jane and she visited me in the studio. She came to see all of our pots come out of the wood-fired kiln, and held them with such joy--even though she had seen so many pots over the years and surely many much finer. This was a magical art that a magical person had introduced me to. I am so sad she is gone.

Julie Wilson
Anonymous said…
So sad