Thursday, October 27, 2016

Day of the Dead weekend at Ya Ya Yoga & Market in Spruce Pine

There are a number of Day of the Dead events at Ya Ya Yoga & Market (co-owned by Clay Clubber Anita Blackwell) this Friday and Saturday (October 28 and 29), including an art reception Friday evening from 7 - 9 pm.

From the facebook event page:

Our Day of the Dead weekend spans from an Art Reception Friday evening, to pumpkin carving, tarot readings, and barbeque at the Saturday farmer's market 10 am - 2 pm, to an Herbs of the Otherworld workshop Saturday afternoon from 3 - 5 pm.

We are participating in a time-old tradition (records of this holiday go back thousands and thousands of years) of honoring the time of year when the veil between spirit and physical is thinnest. We celebrate our ancestors and our own connection with spirit through harvest, altars, art, and celebration.

Art Reception & Prize Drawing for Artists, 7 - 9 pm
Our open-entry art show will culminate in this reception, with wine, cheese, altars, and a prize drawing for the artists. Share your reactions to the various pieces at "Response Stations".

Parkway Farmers Market, 10 am - 2 pm
Vendors will be in costume, pumpkin carving for children, barbeque and boiled peanuts! What a fun time!

Tarot Readings by Barbara Kahn, 12 - 5 pm
Barbara's readings are from her own beautifully illustrated Ancient Oracle Deck and Handbook. Her original system includes numerology, information about the elements and directions, and philosophy and prose about the images. 10 minute reading for $10.

Herbs of the Otherworld, an herbal workshop by Asia Suler, 3 - 5 pm.
n exploration of the herbs that can take us beyond the gateways of our normal day-to-day perception to interact with the vast mystery and healing of the Otherworld. Come prepared to taste, journey, and experience the core plant magics of the season, and to interact with the distinct magic of the unknown. $25. Please pre-register at

Ya Ya Yoga & Market is located at 14480 NC-226 in Spruce Pine.

Ya Ya Yoga & Market website:

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