Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Studio fire at Reems Creek Pottery

From Rachel Smith (who hosted Clay Club in June):

I had a small studio fire over the weekend that thank goodness the sprinkler put it out. Just want to put some things out there for everyone. Check your insurance policies. Make sure it will cover what you have. Also if you rent a studio you really need renters insurance. And if people rent space in your studio they need their own policies.

I hope you can help spread the word. With the way that there are 2 policies covering the damage I will have about $1500 in deductibles I need to pay. I can handle that.

It is amazing how much I had in my work area for handbuilding today n a 4' square space. What is harder are my lost forms wooden bowls for molds, antique lace, years of collecting cookie cutters and rubber stamps, and my templates. Interesting my books should be ok but the one with the worse water damage was John Britt's cone 5/6 glaze book. My tools are fine except lost my mothers rolling pin which I used as a child., my bevel tool which was a present from a dear friend and my pony roller. Oh well. No one injured.

I will now have a reason to go back to yard sales and build a new proper work bench. But if anyone had wooden or bisque or plaster molds or cookie cutters or texture stamps that they really don't use I'd be glad to help you purge your studios. I really can't come to you to pick up as everyday I have to be at studio during clean up. However Weaverville is beautiful this time of year. And I can offer you some compensation.

Rachel Smith
Reems Creek Pottery
181 Reems Creek Rd # 6, Weaverville. NC

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Kim's Creations said...

So sorry to hear about your fire and your great loss!! I have a potter friend that lost everything last year in a fire and he had no insurance. He said the greatest losses were the things that he collected over the years and his glaze recipes. I hope you can recover quickly from this!!