Monday, October 3, 2016

Looking for Tracy Dotson Pottery

Here are the details from Mindy Weck:

I have been all over the internet searching for Tracy Dotson & read that he passed away. I am sorry to hear this. I did not know him, but I have enjoyed his beautiful pottery made by himself & Catherine (former spouse?) with fish scale blue glaze. My husband & I received a full set of Dotson dinner ware & serving dishes for our wedding in 2002, and we have been enjoying them ever since. I can’t find anything like it anywhere else. I am wondering if there is more of Tracy’s & Catherine’s fish scale blue glaze pottery out there somewhere. Would you be willing to let me know if you have any leads?

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whitemont lodge said...

I first discovered "The Pottery" in the early 70's, when visiting my future in-laws at their (and later our) home at Lake Tillery, NC. It was a small place out in the middle of nowhere, and my mother-in-law and I visited and bought pieces there often. Later, upon moving back to my home town of Asheville, I discovered this beautiful blue fishtail pottery in the wonderful New Morning Gallery. I was so happy for Tracy to see that his pottery had the distinction of being on grand display there! I acquired a full dining set with serving pieces.. Love it, and love the memories it brings me.. I have broken a dinner plate and a casserole lid, and would love to replace the dinner plate if at all possible. If anyone ever knows where I can get a replacement, I surely would appreciate it. Thank you in advance! Nancy Alexander