Appalachian Terroir and Crimson Laurel Gallery signs taken down

The Appalachian Terroir and Crimson Laurel signs are now gone from the businesses’ property in Micaville. You can see the empty wooden sign framework to the right of the building in this image:

Here’s what the signs looked like (from the Crimson Laurel Gallery Facebook page):

Here’s the view of the back of the building today with dumpsters by the loading docks:

John Britt posted recently about the production pottery liquidation announcement on the Crimson Laurel website. An ad about the sale still comes up on Ray's Weather as of today:

Background on Crimson Laurel and Appalachian Terroir here:


Erik Haagensen said…
Did anyone ever hear from them about the items for sale? I sent an inquiry to the requested email address and never heard anything.