Promised WNC jobs going to Minnesota after Yancey County ceramics business closes

Appalachian Terroir, the business that also included Crimson Laurel Gallery and Smoky Mountain Pottery, was supposed to create 47-50 jobs in Yancey County. This was a big deal in this small rural county in Western North Carolina, which is designated a Tier 1 county by the state. This designation indicates that Yancey County’s economic well-being is among the most distressed in North Carolina.

The jobs were supposed to pay an average of $45,000/year and were highly touted by local officials when Appalachian Terroir announced its opening in Micaville just a year ago. The owners sought public funding assistance to locate their business in Yancey County, but it's unclear whether any was provided.

Now that Appalachian Terroir is closing, it looks like at least some of these jobs are going to Minnesota. Deneen Pottery in St. Paul, Minnesota has this announcement on their website:

My name is Niles Deneen and I’m excited to introduce you to my family’s business, Deneen Pottery. We were founded in 1972 and for the past 20 years we have specialized in creating custom stoneware with a Glaze Engraved™ medallion for a variety of customers all over the United States. Our work is very similar to what you have been getting from Appalachian Terroir, which is one of the main reasons why we are now introducing ourselves to you.

Appalachian Terroir has made special arrangements with my family’s company, in order to continue to provide you with a quality American made product as they, unfortunately, have to close their doors. Although we are saddened to lose a fellow manufacturer – we trust that our excellent customer service and premier craftsmanship will be a suitable substitute.

Read the complete announcement here:

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