March Clay Club recap: Kazegama kiln opening at The Village Potters

Thanks to The Village Potters for hosting Clay Club! It was really cool to be there for the opening of their Kazegama kiln.

George Rolland built the kiln and told us about it. It's based on a design by Steve Davis (check out Steve’s website,, for lots of photos and info about the design, including building and firing it). George said the the kiln is a fast firing forced air gas fired kiln. In this firing, ash was introduced at cone 9 and the kiln was fired ultimately to cone 10. This was just the fifth firing of The Village Potters Kazegama kiln; George said firings have been taking about 12 hours. Check out the results in the photos!

In addition the firing, Lori Theriault talked about the Independent Study & Mentoring Program at The Village Potters. It was great to have a number of IS/M participants at Clay Club! Here’s a little about the IS/M program from The Village Potters website:

The Village Potters Independent Study & Mentoring Program (IS/M Program) will accommodate 8-20 artists, and will offer a directed mentorship program for the developing potter as well as the serious hobby artist who wants to refine his or her skills. The IS/M Program is designed to offer a non-traditional/relational experience to help the emerging potter hone skills and, if desired, make the move into a career with a thorough understanding of business in the arts.

This program is designed for emerging potters who desire to have regular access to studio as well as relationship and community with other potters and opportunities to explore many firing techniques. We believe that in two years a potter can hone their skills and develop a unique body of work that will equip them to launch into even more creative clay pursuits. The program, like all things at The Village is designed to be highly relational, and in many ways custom to the goals of each IS/M student. Whether you plan to be a professional potter or a part time creative, this program will afford you the opportunity to go as far as you wish in clay.

More info here:

And Lindsey Mudge told us about The Village Potters’ Laguna Clay distributorship. If you use or are interested in trying Laguna clays, they can set you up! They’re going to be increasing their capacities - keep an eye on their website for details:

Thanks to George, Lori, Lindsey - and all The Village Potters for hosting us (on International Women’s Day - see their awesome sign below), and to everyone who came!