Monday, July 10, 2017

For sale: soda kiln near Bakersville, North Carolina and pottery studio equipment in Bluffton, South Carolina

7/22/17 update: all of the items in Bluffton have been sold. The soda kiln and accessories in Bakersville are still available.

Here are the details from Steve White:

Pottery studio equipment for sale in Bluffton, South Carolina (photos below):

L&L easy fire kiln, e28T, 240V, phase 1, 93 bisques to cone 06 with kiln furniture and vent, new digital mother board

Pottery Wheel, Shimpo VL Whisper, with additional unused foot pedal

LG studio air-conditioner

Shop Vac

Tall rolling stool

3 scales, 2 OHaus, 1 Pelouze

Talisman sieve glaze mixer

Room air filter

About 30 Masonite bats

8 predrilled plaster bats


giffin grip

some molds

8” bench grinder with new course and fine green ceramic wheels

pancake compressor, with bailey’s spray set up

heavy duty banding wheel

75-100 tools, lots of dolan and some custom made

glaze components

1100 pounds of cone 6-10 clay, angela fina and tom coleman porcelain, pre 2012 phoenix, halfnhalf, star oki medium, zellastone

3 sam’s club rolling shelves with heavy duty plastic shelf lines, capacity about 600 pounds each

potter’s stool

gleco sink trap

Also a Shane Mickey custom made 18 cubic feet heavy duty brick soda kiln in Bakersville, North Carolina built in 2007 with 40 firings. There are 2 B4 propane burners, Venturi type, about 25 (12x24) shelves, nitride bonded silica carbide, and the newer oxide bonded silica carbide, the latter (7) used once. There is a rolling door frame to hold the dismantled brick door. And a myriad of heavy duty brick furniture. Six miles from Penland. You must deconstruct.

I want to sell all the Bluffton equipment to one person if possible-$4435. You must pick up and take away. The soda kiln and accessories is $3500. Pictures available.

Steve White
843 540 3857

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