Thursday, July 13, 2017

Recap: July Clay Club at Andy Palmer’s studio in Bakersville

Thanks to Andy Palmer for hosting Clay Club! It was great to get to see his studio and kiln pad (complete with climbing wall). Andy led an excellent discussion on teaching in your home studio, including considerations in structuring the size of classes and length of sessions, and how to determine what to charge. (Andy charges a set rate per pound of clay that covers the clay, glazes and firings, in addition to the class fee.) On his list of things to avoid is not to be taken advantage of. When figuring out what to charge - however you do it - know your hourly rate and don’t undersell yourself! Andy encouraged everyone to give teaching a try.

Andy is currently offering classes at his studio in Bakersville - see his flyer above for more details. His enthusiasm for teaching came through in his talking about it, and his studio setup is terrific. The large pots and teapots in the photos below were made by his students. Anybody would be lucky to get to learn from him. Contact Andy at or 607-345-5461 for more info.

Thanks again to Andy (and Silvia), and to everyone who came!

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