Clay Olympics update and Kazegama wood ash firing invitation

As previously announced, the 2018 Clay Olympics will take place Wednesday, May 9th from 6-8 pm at The Village Potters in Asheville. Thanks to Lori Theriault and all of The Village Potters for hosting and organizing! Here’s an update on how you can help (plus an invitation to participate in a special firing):

Events: The Village Potters are donating the clay for the olympics and everyone is invited to participate. Events being considered include blindfolded throwing, team throwing, and perhaps a 'fastest/biggest' competition. Is there an event you’d like to participate in (and/or watch others compete in)? Let Lori Theriault ( or me know.

Sponsors: A big thank you to everyone who has already offered to sponsor! We’re currently at $500 in cash prizes and a number of additional non-cash prizes have also been offered. Additional sponsorships of cash or prizes would be welcome - contact Lori ( or me if you’d like to be a sponsor. Once we have a final list, we will post all the sponsors on the Clay Club blog.

Kazegama wood ash firing: Clay Clubbers are invited to participate in the Kazegama wood ash firing that will be going on during the evening of the Clay Olympics. Here are the details: 1-2 pots each (not guaranteed to get both in, though), no more than 8 inches in any direction, liner glazes only, and raw clay or bisque-fired slip only on the outside. Pots need to be delivered to The Village Potters by May 1 (they can be dropped off in the gallery). Contact Lori ( for more info.

UPDATE: the Kazegama wood ash firing is a cone 10 firing. More info here:

Thanks everyone!