Monday, July 30, 2018

August Clay Club at Rutkowsky Pottery on August 8th!

Ruth and Michael Rutkowsky at the Clay Olympics

August Clay Club will be at Rutkowsky Pottery from 6-8pm on Wednesday, August 8th. Thanks to Ruth and Michael for hosting us!

Michael is going to do a demo on how to wire a lamp. He will discuss how he makes his lamps on the wheel 'to spec' so the lamp parts fit nicely. Then he'll discuss the lamp parts he uses to make his lamps and how to order them.

We’ll have our usual potluck, so bring food to share. Clay Club is BYOB, so bring drink, too. Michael’s birthday is on the 9th - there will be cake and a chance to wish him a happy birthday.

Directions: Rutkowsky Pottery is at 1489 Cane Branch Road. Cane Branch Road is off 19E between Burnsville and Micaville. At the Crabtree Baptist Church sign, turn onto Cane Branch Road and go 1.5 miles. The studio is on the left close to the road (look for the RED mail box). Ruth and Michael add this info (note the warning about GPS):

There is construction on our road, and a rather long traffic light can make you wait for what seems like forever! Do not be discouraged! There is cake at the end of the road! (We are 1/4 mile from where the pavement ends.) Home & studio CLOSE to the road. GPS will tell you you've arrived when you have a mile to go!

Carpooling: if you’re interested in carpooling, especially from in/around Asheville, let me know and I will put folks in touch. You can also leave a comment here on this blog post or on this facebook post.

See you next Wednesday!

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Amy Waller said...

Linda Falcone is interested in carpooling from Asheville - here’s what she posted on facebook:

concerning Amy's notice for Aug's CC meeting. Amy I'd very much like to carpool with someone from the Asheville area. I am truly directionally dysfunctional. You witnessed that first hand one evening in HCC a school I attended for four years that was totally redone since I went to school there. I've not come meeting because of this and have missed getting to know and be apart of the pottery community that I long to be apart of. It's been so frustrating to me but I've had know other choice. If you do know of someone that would carpool I would be thrilled. I'm willing to drive as long as I have someone that knows where we are going. LInda Falcone

Contact Linda on facebook (see her post here: by email at