Saturday, July 14, 2018

Call for Empty Bowls for Feeding Avery Families

Empty Bowls for Feeding Avery Families August 25, 2018

Hello, this is just a quick reminder that we are approaching the time for our event at Land Harbor Recreation Center in Newland. We are so grateful that last year the $25,000 raised provided a higher quality of food for those in need, including fresh fruits and vegetables and dairy. As we continue to teach people to feed themselves and their children a healthy way to eat, we offer thanks for the generosity of our potters who make our fundraiser possible. We ran out of bowls last year as 200 unexpected donors arrived! A great problem as all understood and still contributed, but we sure are scurrying for bowls this year!

Thanks to you who have already called for pickup or pledged bowls for the event. And please know that I am happy to drive wherever if it means your art is on our table. We are very happy to put out your cards so that people remember you, and ditto with Silent Auction art. Thanks for your big hearts. We appreciate you. Blessings!

Lynn Von Nessen, Co-Ordinator
(386) 337-1648

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