Thursday, May 23, 2019

Studio equipment for sale in Asheville

Available at Odyssey, Molly is a resident artist there, getting ready for a move to Clemson for her MFA:

All barely used in great condition
Six 20” half round kiln shelves
Four 20” full round kiln shelves
$353.60 on Clay King, $325 obo

Assorted posts
Seven 1”
Sixteen 2”
Seven 3”
Four 4”
Eight 6”
Six 7”
Seven 10”
$127.27 on Clay King, $100 obo

Two work tables designed so tops can be replaced when needed. In great condition.

First is 37”h x 48”w x 24”d
Second is 33”h x 72”w x 37”d
$160 for both = materials cost with depreciation and without labor cost. Obo

Molly Morning-glory

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