Tuesday, May 21, 2019

June Clay Club at The Village Potters in Asheville

June Clay Club will be at The Village Potters in Asheville from 6-8pm on Wednesday, June 12th. Thanks to The Village Potters for hosting us!

The Village Potters will host a 'White Elephant' pot swap (only rule: no mugs!) and introduction of new equipment that they will be selling at TVPCC, including the "Clontz Kiln" - a portable Raku Kiln, "Rolland's Reduction Kiln" (also portable), and Soldner Wheels. Plus a tour of the facility for anyone who hasn't been here or hasn't been here recently.

Here's more on how the White Elephant exchange will work: all pots will be on a table, and everyone will get a number (1- the number of people/pots involved). #1 picks first. #2 gets to either pick from the table, or take #1 pot, in which case #1 picks again. #3 gets the same choice, and if he/she/they 'steal' a pot, that person picks again. We keep going until everyone has picked a pot, and all the pots are gone.

No Mugs, but must be ceramic and must be made by the person submitting. Any level of work is fine - hopefully people won't use this to unload seconds or damaged work, but beginner to advanced levels welcome, and pots may be functional, decorative, or sculptural. One piece per person.

We will have the usual potluck, so bring food to share. Clay Club is BYOB, so bring drink, too.

The Village Potters are located at Riverview Station in Asheville’s River Arts District at:

191 Lyman Street, #180
Asheville, NC 28801

We'll be meeting gin the ISM studio; enter via the Independent Studies Studio (the door to the right of the gallery door).

Directions available here: thevillagepotters.com/where-to-find-us/

Carpooling: if you’re interested in carpooling, let me know and I will put folks in touch. You can also leave a comment here on this blog post or on this facebook post.

See you on June 12th!

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