Thursday, June 13, 2019

Recap: June Clay Club at The Village Potters

Thanks to Lori Theriault and everyone at The Village Potters (TVP) for an awesome Clay Club! It was great to get to see the new equipment that TVP will be selling: the "Clontz Kiln" (a portable Raku Kiln), "Rolland's Reduction Kiln" (also portable), and Soldner Wheels. See them in the photos below and get in touch with The Village Potters for more info.

Lindsey Mudge (TVP Director of Operations) told us about several current and upcoming events at The Village Potters:

• the Bob Brotherton: Humble Pots from a Gentle Man exhibit in TVP gallery:

• the Hands On Intensive Workshop, Making Successful Pots with Porcelain with David Voorhees, July 22nd-26th:

• the Master Series Surface Embellishments workshop with Cynthia Lee on October 5th

• and remember that TVP are also a Laguna Clays distributor:

After the announcements and tour, it was time for the first ever (as far as I know) Clay Club White Elephant Swap. What a lot of fun! 22 clubbers brought non-mug "pots" to swap. We picked numbers and, starting with number 1, everybody got to pick a piece. Subsequent pickers could choose a remaining piece or could steal an already chosen one, in which case the stole-ee could pick (or steal) something else. Each piece could be stolen a max of two times. At first, things were pretty tame and polite, but about half-way through, the stealing began in earnest. It was sweet to get to see people's picks and steals. My first pick got stolen so I took the opportunity to steal from someone else and ended up with a lovely pot by Meredith Moyers.

We do not currently have a host for July Clay Club - if you have ideas and/or are interested in hosting, let me know.

August Clay Club will be at Motyl Pottery in Burnsville on August 14th. Thanks to Tori Motyl for hosting us in August!

Thanks again to Lori and all of The Village Potters, and to everyone who came!

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