Friday, August 2, 2019

Bakersville Art Walk tonight!

Andy Palmer has the details on tonight's Art Walk in Bakersville:

I so hope you all aren't getting sick of these notices. I try to keep them short and sweet - just to remind you (or give you the first heads up) that we're having another Art Walk this Friday in Bakersville from 4:00-7:00.

As always, the businesses in town will have snacks and drinks, a relaxed atmosphere, probably some background music playing, and definitely some great artwork for your viewing and purchasing pleasure.

In Tandem has ceramicist Mark Chuck's opening: he makes fish inspired cups, shot glasses, mugs, etc out of clay... They're really beautiful - and I didn't even know they were about fish til someone else told me. I just loved the way they looked and felt.

Mica always has fantastic things there. And the people are truly the best! You can see all sorts of paintings, fabrics/textiles, ceramics, glass, woodworking... just about every craft there is, and all in one space. So, don't miss that.

And Anita has every inch of wall space covered in these fantastic nature paintings or historic paintings or sculptures... it goes on and on. It's amazing how much she can pack into her shop.

Bowditch's Antiques is like a walk down memory lane. There are great furniture pieces and historic pottery and just about anything you'd want to decorate your home with to make it look comfortable and homey. And Steve and Sharon can give you all sorts of information about the background and whatnot of the pieces (their knowledge about things always amazes me. Just the amount of love and care they put into the displays and selections are a sight to behold.)

The Southern Ridge Cafe is always a good thing to stop in and get something to eat - anytime. They've always got delicious homemade desserts, and sandwiches, and ice cream, and whatever you could want for a snack or a meal PLUS they're coming up on their one-year anniversary!! How cool is that?

So, check things out this Friday evening. You'll be happy you did.

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