Odyssey Clayworks Fall 2019 Class Schedule

Fall Session 2019
October 14- December 21
Odyssey Clayworks
236 Clingman Ave, Asheville, NC

Animal Pots
Lynne Hobaica
Mondays 10am-12:30pm
October 21 – December 9
Clay can tell a story in unique and thoughtful ways. In this class, students will use different handbuilding techniques to create stylized animal shaped vessels that double as functional objects. The story will continue on the surface as we transform the pieces through color and decoration. What story do you have to tell?

Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Tuition: $310 + $55 Lab Fee

The Enchanting Realm of Red Clay
Sara Ballek
Mondays 3-5:30pm
October 21 - December 9

Working with a red clay body fired at a midrange temperature creates rich, distinctive works of art. Come experience this magical realm with red clay enthusiast Sara Ballek. The class will hone in on the use of red clay with the potter’s wheel, pinching, coiling, and slabwork. Sara will introduce several surface design processes and finishing methods to refine each piece. Students for this course should have an understanding of the basics of constructing clay forms.

Level: Intermediate and Advanced
Tuition: $310 + $55 Lab Fee

Potter’s Wheel 2.0:
Wheel Throwing for the Seasoned Beginner

Alyssa Ruberto
Mondays 6:30-9pm
October 14 - December 2

Feel like you’ve got the hang of wheel throwing, but would like to refine your skills? Perhaps you’ve taken the beginner wheel class a few times, but you’re not quite ready to call yourself “intermediate.” This class is specifically designed for potters who have experience on the wheel at a seasoned beginner level who would like to learn a set of new forms. Through skill-building “challenges” you will master the techniques that will bring vibrancy to your work. Students are expected to have basic throwing skills before taking this class.

Level: Seasoned Beginner
Tuition: $310 + $55 Lab Fee

Introduction to Sculpture
Mike Zukoski
Tuesdays 11am-1:30pm
October 22 - December 10

Everyone is welcome! From complete beginners who have never tried sculpture before to advanced potters who are interested in learning new methods to enhance their work, this class will cover the basics of ceramic sculpture. We will practice hand-building techniques and sculpt using solid forms, coils and stiff slabs. Each student will be encouraged to bring their own ideas and we will bring them to life in 3-D.

Level: Beginner, All Levels
Tuition: $295 + $45 Lab Fee

Exciting Surfaces
Tyler-James Anderson
Tuesdays 6:30-9pm

October 22- December 10

Come join effect wizard Tyler Anderson and explore exciting surface design techniques like stencil work, glaze layering, mishima inlay, sgraffito, and much more. This class will focus less on form and more on decoration, so students should have a basic understanding of clay prior to taking the course. Students can expect to learn new ways to engage playfulness in their work by utilizing an array of finishing methods.

Level: Seasoned Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced
Tuition: $310 + $55 Lab Fee

Matching Sets: Repetition and Intention
Laurie Caffery Harris
Thursdays 10am-12:30pm
October 17 – December 12, No class November 28th

Can you make a beautiful pot, but find it hard to replicate? Do your sets stack up a little funky? Come learn the tools and tricks of the trade to making pots with precision. Laurie will explain the use of rulers, calipers and throwing gauges in the production process. You’ll explore pots of all sizes and shapes to create forms that reflect your unique style. Class will also include a discussion and practice of surface design techniques including Mishima, painting, sgraffito, carving, and glazing.

Level: Intermediate and Advanced
Tuition: $310 + $55 Lab Fee

Lifting the Lid: The Inner Life of Jars
Shinara Taylor
Thursdays 6:30 – 9pm
October 17- December 12, No class November 28

“A pot has form but its emptiness makes it useful.”
Let’s explore the mysterious inner life of jars! Jars surround us, yet their nuances and useful designs are easy to take for granted. With guided instruction, students will increase their precision with lidded forms by throwing multiple types of lids. To decorate, we will add attachments, playing with scale, surface decoration, and positive/negative space. Through crafting jars, we practice the valuable skill of shaping disparate fragments into a purposeful whole.
Level: Seasoned Beginner and Intermediate
Tuition: $310 + $55 Lab Fee

Bigger Pots Made Easy

Anja Bartels and Gabriel Kline
Fridays 10am-12:30pm
October 18 – December 13
No class November 29

Do you want to increase the scale of your work, but feel intimidated by large pieces of clay? The truth is, you don’t have to be a big, strong person to make big, strong pots! Join Anja and Gabriel as they demystify the techniques used to produce large scale pottery. Demos will include throwing wide rimmed bowls, section building skyscraper pots, centering 50-100 lbs. of clay, and creative ways to make voluminous storage jars. These techniques are simple, fun, and easy to learn. You’ll be amazed at the pieces you create! The class will include plenty of studio and one on one time with the instructors.

Level: Intermediate and Advanced

Tuition: $310 + $75 Lab Fee includes 50lbs of clay and firing of large work

Make It, Take it, Use It: The Beginner’s Guide to Throwing Pots
Nich Daunis
Every Other Saturday, 10am-1pm

October 26- December 21

This class will equip those curious about clay with the knowledge and skills necessary to create work of their very own. Step-by-step instructions along with demonstrations of an array of basic techniques will make the process enjoyable for those new to clay who wish to expand their horizons and throw with confidence.

Level: Beginner and Seasoned Beginner
Tuition: $265 + $45 Lab Fee

Kids Classes

Clay Play
Ages 8-12

Paige Janeri
Tuesdays 4-6pm

November 5 - December 10

The process of making with clay is fun, creative, and expressive. There are so many different techniques to do and try! This class is great for homeschooled students looking to meet peers with similar interests and for students looking to have fun while excelling in art. We will start with the basic techniques of making and decorating pots, including making pots on the potter’s wheel. The projects in this class are designed to let the students work at their own pace but get as detailed as they desire. Our goals for “Clay Play” are to learn the basics of clay, make friends, work together as a team, and create things that makes us happy.

Tuition: $235, $25 sibling discount

Weekend Workshops

The Monster Mask Bash

Paige Janeri
1-Day Workshop

Saturday, 10am-3pm
October 12

Come enjoy a fall workshop full of family, fun, and artistic expression!

“Monster Mask Bash” is a shared clay experience for children and their guardians. In this special Halloween edition, we will learn how to sculpt art masks that can later be hung as a wall piece. Spending time in the studio strengthens and deepens relationships through teamwork and the fun of creating in true Halloween spirit! Spooky treats and healthy snacks will be provided. There will be a 45-minute break for lunch.

Level: All Levels
Tuition: $95 per Child/Guardian Combo

Raku Magic
Paul Gisondo
1-Day Workshop
Saturday 9:30am-4:30pm
October 19

Experience the drama, amazement and instant gratification of Raku in this one-day firing workshop. Bring up to 5 bisque fired pieces (vertically oriented vase and cylinder forms up to 12 inches in height preferred). We will glaze the pieces using a variety of crackle, iridescent luster and matte glazes and fire the work outdoors in our Raku kiln. Pieces will be removed from the red-hot kiln and quickly transferred into ash cans lined with flammable materials. Participants will go home the same day with dramatically transformed, finished work! 

Level: All Levels
Tuition: $115 + $25 Lab Fee

Lovely Lobes:
Creating Ceramic Jewelry

Laurie Caffery Harris & Sara Ballek
Saturday- Sunday 9:30am-4:30pm
November 16-17

In this class we will make beautiful ceramic jewelry that will become your family’s heirlooms! From designing earrings with the perfect weight to necklaces that hang just right - we will investigate jewelry of all shapes to create pieces that reflect your personal aesthetic. We will discuss and practice firing techniques, using ceramic wire. Finishing options includes inlay, painting sgraffito, and carving. By the end of the weekend we will have pieces that are not only visually interesting, but speak to your own style and sensibilities. 

Level: All Levels
Tuition: $250 + $25 Lab Fee