Recap: December Clay Club at The Village Potters

Thanks to The Village Potters for hosting December Clay Club! We had a most excellent mug/object exchange and it was great to get to see everyone as we come to the end of 2019.

Before I go on with the recap, we have a question for all you Clubbers. Sarah Wells Rolland has proposed the idea of a Clay Club "Coffee Club": holding Clay Club at The Village Potters on a Saturday morning instead of our usual Wednesday evening time. This would be a one-time thing with a tentative date of April 18th. We're hoping to get some feedback about this idea: Would you come on a Saturday morning? Would it make a difference if it started at 9/9:30/10? Is there anything else you want us to consider? Leave a comment here on the blog or shoot me an email ( and let me know.

Lori Theriault shared information about upcoming events and workshops at The Village Potters:

First up, this weekend The Village Potters will participate in the River Arts District Second Saturdays on Saturday and Riverview Station's Holiday Market on Sunday.

And they have these workshops coming up in 2020:

• Demonstration: “Responsive Clay” with Bandana Pottery on February 1
• Hands On: Raku Day with Judi Harwood on February 29
• Hands On: THROWING BIG Intensive Workshop with Sarah Wells Rolland, March 16-20
• Demonstration: “Cone 6 Glazing: workshop and discussion” with John Britt, April 11 & 12
• Hands On: Throwing with Finesse: “Take it to the Limit” with Sarah Wells Rolland May 18-29
• Hands On: “Design and Execute“ with Sarah Wells Rolland June 8-19th

More details about all the workshops (including registration info) here:

Also - remember that The Village Potters are a Laguna Clay distributer in addition to selling tools, kilns and wheels. (More about that from June Clay Club at TVP:

Thanks again to all the amazing Village Potters and to everyone who came!