Friday, January 29, 2021

Follow-up from Akira Satake on Mountain Xpress article ("Local Artists Respond to Pandemic Challenges in Creative Ways")

Akira asked to share this follow-up statement about his interview with the Mountain Xpress:

I was extremely flattered and honored to be interviewed for the article in the Mountain Express, “Local Artists Respond to Pandemic Challenges in Creative Ways,” but I would like to clarify one point where I feel I may have been misinterpreted due to my still imperfect English. The interviewer asked me toward the end of our talk whether “the darkness of current events shows up” in my work and I honestly had to say no. It is my nature to find joy in creating. Having the great fortune to able to do what I do makes me happy and find positivity. I hope that no one reading this interview felt I was at all indifferent, or unaffected by the hardships brought on by the pandemic to artists in Asheville and throughout the world. The challenges are very serious and have been felt by all of us. It is my sincere hope we all can come out of it stronger and more resilient in the face of this challenge and whatever lies ahead.

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