Glaze a Materials For Sale

Hey everyone, I got a note from Bill Campbell who has closed his studio. He has some things for sale. Pass it on to whomever: These supplies are for sale at 1/2 retail. FOB my studio. There is also a lot of random stuff that many potters could use. The prices will be attractive. 5 pallets of G 200 This is the spar that goes together with Minspar to make G 200 5 Pallets of Minspar 12 bags of bentonite 8 bags of Zinc 10 bags of F 75 Same as 3110 6 bags of Magnesium Carb. 5 bags of F 15 4 bags of dolomite 2 bags of gerstly borate 1 bag of copper carb 3/4 bag of copper oxide 75 lbs of cobalt carb 1 bag of soda spar 3 bags of red iron 2 pallets of Custer spar 3 pallets of neph sy 2 pallets of om4 1 1/2 pallets of tile 6 10 50# boxes of 644 There is also a lot of other stuff in random bags that will go cheap. Bill Campbell 814 336 9139


interesting... what about the lot for dreaming curiosity? where is this place? I'm in Georgia
John Britt said…
Brandon, He is not on this site, you need to call or email him directly: Bill Campbell 814 336 9139