Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ceramic Mo Archives

Free CM's

I have boxed sets of CM 1969-1993.

I have unboxed sets beyond 1993.

They are all free, you pick up or I can deliver within a reasonable area; that would be Mars Hill to Asheville.

What's so great about these issues? There are articles on Nampeyo (the first Nampeyo, who died in 1940; if you don't know, she and her family of potters were/are the greatest of the Native Hopi potters--whom I consider greater than the great Maria since they created new forms based on tradition, search Rick Dillinham articles), Bernard Leach, M Wildenhain, and all sorts of potters famous in earlier eras, some long gone.. Don't get stuck in the immediacy of your own small efforts to make a splash in the pot pond. The pot world started to take off in the late 60's so you can read aboutg some of its beginnings. Good to know your history--a history that is broader than the local stars of the juggers and facers, however great and inspiring they are. Reply by email:

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