Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Needed - a drive wheel rubber for a Randall Wheel

I use a Randall wheel that I bought over 30 years ago (ghack).  I need the rubber drivewheel that attaches to the motor. I can't find one since they stopped making the Randall years ago.  So, I'm trying to ask around in hopes of finding the part off a used Randall or maybe you know of a resource where I can find what I need. 


Let me know if you can help?



Carolanne Currier said...

A friend who has a Randall wheel says: "Ted Randall used rubber drive wheels from washing machines; if you can locate an old duffer who works on equally old washers, he'll most likely have what you need."

John Britt said...

Thanks Carolanne. I will pass it on.

John Britt said...

Years ago someone posted something about making one out of a rubber hocky puck. That is all I remember about it.

Hope this is useful

Fred Paget

John Britt said...


I don't know what type of drive wheel is on your friend's wheel, but McMaster-Carr sells a bazillion different types and sizes. I am sure they will have what he needs.


All the best.


James Freeman

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Barry Bernstein said...

Thanks all!! I haven't measured it, yet, but I think McMaster-Carr has exactly what I need. The hockey puck idea is a good one, too.