Friday, June 17, 2011

Ceramic Masterpieces

Ceramic Masterpieces: Art, Structure and Technology

If you haven't read this book...It is fantastic. It is an analysis of how a handful of Ceramic Masterpieces were made, including forming, glazing and firing techniques. But it has other sections which talk about all aspects of the pottery process. Fantastic!


am said...

i'll try to find it. But in Poland it will be difficult :)

John Britt said...

They might have inter-library loan?

klineola said...

I agree, a great book!

Amy Waller said...

Just have to agree -- what a great book. I would read pretty much anything written by Pamela Vandiver.

John Britt said...

I am with you Amy. Anyone got any other books to recommend?

Amy Waller said...

That's pretty open-ended, but I'll bite -- here are two:

Pottery Analysis by Prudence Rice -- an archaeological/anthropological perspective, comprehensive in scope. Almost 25 years old but still relevant and (for me) thought-provoking.

Ceramics from Islamic Lands by Oliver Watson -- amazing photographs and information. I especially liked the chapter on fakes and restorations (written by someone else -- don't have the book to see the author's name).

Would love other people's book recommendations!