Thursday, February 2, 2012

Magruder Red cone 6

Here is a really nice cone 6 Iron red. Don't have an image but trust me- it is nice!

If you get an image - send it to me and I will post it.

Magruder’s (Iron ) Red cone 6 oxidation
44.8 Kona F-4
12.3 Silica
18.2 Talc
16.1 Bone Ash
  4.3 EPK
  4.3 Lithium Carbonate

2. Bentonite
12.3 Synthetic Iron Oxide


Linda Starr said...

yes an image would be good, nothing better than a good red.

mud duck pottery said...

John what is synthetic iron oxide?? Is it stronger than spanish or regular RIO??

cookingwithgas said...

and what is the firing temperature.
I go to 2185 with a 15 minute soak

John Britt said...

I fired it to cone 6. Just try it.

John Britt said...
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John Britt said...

Here is a explanation of iron oxide:

jojoaruba said...

Thanks for sharing that glaze. I've used a ^6 "tomato red" glaze that I got off the ClayArt web, but it only goes really red when it fires at certain angles, otherwise it has a greenish, brownish color that is not bad, just not red.

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JulieB said...

does this "really " require 325 mesh silicia? i hope so becuz my 200 mesh silica produced a chocolate glaze. not the georgeous Mcg red I have used from a bucket at JCC. John is right it is a beauty when done right.

John Britt said...

I would also ask either Frank (our assistant) or Mike Lalone ans see what they say. Let me forward your email to him but get back to me on the answer if he doesn't "reply all".

Unknown said...

Did you ever decide the question of 325 mesh silica vs 200 mesh? Thank you.
Ken Black