Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Yesterday's ride to Asheville

I was trying to get a photo of me on a bike (of which I have none -after 44 years of riding) but it is hard not to look in pain. Probably because I am in pain!  Here is the route:

Asheville 50 by johnbrittpottery at Garmin Connect - Details


Dennis Allen said...

I can see why you are in pain. Killer route. Did you ride the return trip too? I always found the surest way to ride a century was to ride 50 miles in one direction, then you are out of options.

John Britt said...

I know that works but this way is about 35 up hill and 20 down so all you have to do is make it 35 - then it is gravy!

David Harold said...

john, kickass!
let's ride soon. i wannna do that route.

John Britt said...

David, let me know when you want to do something.