Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A call for artists to serve in Asheville

Asheville Citizen-Times writer Emily Patrick continues her focus on artists and the arts in Asheville, this time writing about opportunities for artists to serve on Asheville government boards and commissions, and how civic participation like that can influence the future and growth of the city. The Asheville Downtown Commission has put out a call for someone with an arts connection to apply to serve, and there are openings on other boards and commissions, too.


"The Asheville Downtown Commission, which advises City Council on development and infrastructure, is seeking an arts professional to join its ranks.

"Since the cultural arts superintendent position was eliminated from city staff after Diane Ruggiero departed in 2012, boards are the main way arts professionals contribute directly to city policy.

"'If we’re going to be a part of that community, we need to be integrated into that community and find ways to help that community grow and sustain or better serve because we all want this to be a great place to live and work,' said John Ellis, executive director of the Diana Wortham Theatre. Ellis serves on the Buncombe County Tourism Development Authority."

The article is titled, "Arts on board: Can city political posts lead to power?" Read it here:


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