Recap: December Clay Club at The Village Potters in Asheville

A big thank you to The Village Potters for hosting December Clay Club! The Village Potters are located in Riverview Station in the River Arts District in Asheville, and their facility includes studios, teaching space, a gallery and more. We met in their new Independent Study/Mentoring (IS/M) studio. Lori Theriault provided an overview of the IS/M program - here's a little about it from their website:

"The Village Potters Independent Study & Mentoring Program (IS/M Program) will accommodate 8-20 artists, and will offer a directed mentorship program for the developing potter as well as the serious hobby artist who wants to refine his or her skills. The IS/M Program is designed to offer a non-traditional/relational experience to help the emerging potter hone skills and, if desired, make the move into a career with a thorough understanding of business in the arts.

"This program is designed for emerging potters who desire to have regular access to studio as well as relationship and community with other potters and opportunities to explore many firing techniques. We believe that in two years a potter can hone their skills and develop a unique body of work that will equip them to launch into even more creative clay pursuits. The program, like all things at The Village is designed to be highly relational, and in many ways custom to the goals of each IS/M student. Whether you plan to be a professional potter or a part time creative, this program will afford you the opportunity to go as far as you wish in clay."

Interested in applying for the IS/M program? Applications are accepted on a rolling basis with the next review date being March 24, 2016, to start May 1, 2016. Details on The Village Potters website:

Big news: The Village Potters are now a Laguna Clays distributor. They think their next order will be in March 2016 - if you're interested in possibly participating, keep an eye on their website for details or shoot them an email at

The Village Potters are still working on their Kazegama wood-influenced kiln project - you can support their work on it here:

Lori led us on a tour of the studios and multi-room gallery, which you can see from the photos here are quite impressive. After a little more socializing we had the annual cup/object exchange - thanks again to Lori for leading it masterfully. (I am loving my Sarah Wells Rollands mug!)

The Village Potters will be participating in the Riverview Station Holiday Market this Saturday, December 12th:

The Village Potters have A LOT going on! Check out their website for information on classes, workshops, events, and everything they're doing:

Thanks again to Lori, Sarah and all of The Village Potters, and to everyone who came!