Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Gas Kilns for Sale

Finishing up my good friend Steve Roberts estate. Cancer takes another good man too soon.

Bailey 34/B Shuttle Kiln

Bailey shuttle kiln set up for propane, Galvanized hood, flue, chains, roof jack and chimney cap built new for this kiln. Stack of 14 x 14 Bailey shelves, Buckets of kiln furniture. Plumb it up and go. Bailey makes a 32 shuttle now and it is $21,000 stripped down, no crating or shipping.  

Asking $ 6500 for the whole package.

Geil Portable Downdraft

Geil fiber lined updraft kiln, Uses up firing venturi burners. Hood, flue, roof jack, and chimney cap. Shelves and furniture. Geil is still making this model for $14,800 with no crating or shipping from California.

Asking $4500 for the whole deal.

Kilns are in Greeneville Tennessee in a purpose built kiln shed. Easy access around shed. They were probably bought in the early 90's, but I know have not been fired since 2004 when I helped Steve build the shed and place the kilns. Old and dusty, will have to be gone through, but a lot of value for the money. I will help in any way I can to make things go easier. Will consider reasonable offers. 

Patrick Houston
Rocky Flats Pottery

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