Stuff for sale

Hello all

I have more stuff that I'm wanting to get rid of in the studio.

I have one and one half gallon jugs of porcelain slip: Free to anyone who wants it.

Two boxes of Lymen Red clay: GONE

Two jars of a high fire clear glazes, I think they fire to cone 9: GONE

I also have a half jar of a high fire clear satin, cone 9: free

A heavy duty ware cart with shelves! My mom had it, but it's too big for the studio! Asking $450 OBO. I can send pictures if anyone is interested in it. You can also come to my studio and check it out if you wanted. Cart has 33 shelves. The shelves are 32" X 16".

I also have a small Paragon test kiln. The control box isn't attached to the kiln, it would need to be attached. It needs some TLC. Kiln has no kiln sitter on it.  It has some kiln furniture and two small shelves. $50.

I can be reached via emial at

thanks y'all