History of the Blevins Building (formerly Crimson Laurel Gallery) in Bakersville, North Carolina

The Mitchell County Historical Society shared a history of the Blevins Building in Bakersville in last week’s Mitchell News-Journal. The building is currently empty but most recently housed Crimson Laurel Gallery. Here’s the final paragraph:

It became the home for a world-class fine arts gallery that attracted visitors from around the state, nation and world. The Crimson Laurel Gallery had a significantly positive economic and cultural affect on the town of Bakersville as well as Mitchell County. Unfortunately, the name of the gallery was taken to another location, where it died. The building is strong, however, and will last for many more generations and is just waiting for the right people to come along and enable its continuing service to the community.

See a pdf of the page here: goo.gl/nAxXRY