Images wanted for possible local arts and crafts e-zine

Jim Kransberger is working on a possible on-line ARTS & CRAFTS e-zine (possible cover above) and he’s seeking images from Clay Clubbers. Here are more details from Jim:

My problem is that I haven’t any images of “local” artists’ work to put into it. If you feel the Clay Club generous, would you please if they’d each send me three or four images that I can use to get the dummy constructed. Use would be limited to only the dummy. If they are inclined to provide something, I need sharp images, with a bit of resolution (dpi), of work that best reflects what they would like to share with others.

Without hubris, I think I can provide the Asheville art/craft community something quite useful. The publication is titled (nothing posted yet) based upon the old I-Spy game where someone saw something and drew your attention to it. Seems a fitting description.

Played with this publication idea for the last 15 years; and, now is as good a time as any to do it. Jan and I had a monthly tabloid newspaper (The Pelican Post) in Naples, Florida and did rather well. Anyway I’ve got nothing but time on my hands for a while, so why not?

Asheville is the epicenter; WNC the demographic. Asheville is the anchoring patch.

There are ton of suckling publications, each slightly and seldomly covering arts and crafts of Asheville and its' surrounds. Hope that one more focused offering —on the day-to-day machinations of the markers and sellers in Asheville, et al— will find a niche. Hopefully, iSPY will provide a continuous voice, in the world of annual, special attention, publications. Well, we will soon see about that.

It will have a contemporary style and just may work. Why not?

Interested? Send images to Jim at