Saturday, April 2, 2022

Pottery ware racks for sale in Seagrove, NC

(note: Two Racks are available. $400 each.)

8-division ware rack features sturdy rungs with 8 inches between shelf divisions. Will hold either 16 12"x32" ware boards (included) or 8 24" x 32" ware boards. Loading and unloading kilns is so much easier with the help of this steel constructed heavy duty cart. With 8 shelf supports there are dozens of stacking options.

Constructed from 1" heavy wall pipe and welded shelf supports. 72.75H x 35W x 24D. Heavy-duty casters make even the heaviest loads easy to move. The ware boards are high quality 1/2" plywood.

We used these racks in our production pottery for many years but have retired due to arthritis. If you are comparing our price to new carts, remember that the new shelves are priced separately!

Beth Gore
3883 Busbee Rd
Seagrove NC 27341
336-588-0248 (please text, I don't answer unknown callers)

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