Saturday, April 16, 2022

Woodfire Conference 2022

Our region is full of amazing opportunities and one of the biggest for wood firing is the Wood fire Conference. 

With so much change on the horizon, this conference will be a convergence of ideas and thoughts regarding where Woodfire is today and where it’s going. We are calling this year’s conference Envision: 2022, gathering incredible artists from around the world to discuss the future of our practice as wood firing artists. The 2022 conference will kick off May with two pre-conference events in separate locations in NC: preHEAT: Mountain and preHEAT: Seagrove, where local and visiting artists will load and then fire dozens of NC kilns located around the Asheville area and Seagrove. The main conference will begin May 27th at STARworks with topics ranging from kiln design, to group firings as well as community engagement and market presence. STARworks has a café and taproom onsite and will host live music and food trucks throughout the conference. For more information on preHEAT events prior to the conference and any specifics regarding panel discussions, visiting artists, presentations, exhibitions and workshops, check out the site.

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