Homemade Velvet Black Underglaze

Does anyone have a recipe for underglaze that resembles Amoco's Velvet?  I've run out in the middle of a commission. I need to rub it into texture on white slip and don't want underglaze anywhere but in the depressions (LUG, for instance, looks muddy on white).The recipe I have is equal parts OM4, stain and frit. 3110 or 3124?


Anonymous said…
Holly Goring's Underglaze recipe:

I saw that but alas have no ball mill. Never even seen one!
I use it for the same application
equal parts stain, 3110 and om4
Sorry if I am commenting again but didn't see my note posted.
equal parts 3110, om4 and stain. I have been using it for years!