Thursday, August 11, 2022

Last Night's Clay Club

 Hello Everyone!

Last night's Clay Club was AMAZING! Jim gave an amazing presentation on Dave, a slave potter who's memory has endured thanks to his skill and knowledge and the inscriptions he would write on his pots. Jim himself demonstrated many traditional pieces thrown on the wheel that Dave himself would have made, and he captivated all of us with his stories told both from the point of view of Dave as well as from his own point of view as a potter today. Many of us walked away with lessons Dave and Jim taught us and a reminder to continue to be true to ourselves and our craft while we make in clay. When in doubt, go back to the clay, it has the answers.

We hope to see you all and many more again next month at Haywood Community College. Be on the lookout for an email early next month with all the details. 

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